The Foul Mouthed C**t
Be sure to pop by the infamous Foul Mouthed Cunt restaurant and pub. It really is a debilitating experience for all, but it's so friendly, it's now even on Facebook.
Mantlepies wrote some sketches for the show
'Time Trumpet' on BBC3. Here they be...
This was our first TV gig contributing to Armando Iannucci's '2004: The Stupid Version'. Here are the sketches that made it through the final edit.
If you fancy a nice relaxing pint of real English ale then it's this way to the famous 'Foul Mouthed Cunt' pub and restaurant. Located in the heart of Dorset you'll be transported back to a time of hairy men and real food.
Here are a collection of strange and wonderful animations and still images. The animations may take a while to load in. So please be patient :)
Channel 4 commissioned us to produce twelve animated shorts for their website, and here they are.
Here is a collection of animated shorts that we've produced over the years.
Here lies a selection of our cartoon strips which were originally produced for the Observer.

A fine collection of flash interactive game type things, animations and Hercule Poirot feature in this cavalcade of adult orientated delights.
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